quinta-feira, janeiro 28, 2010

Ubuntu package

Yesterday I did something I should have done long ago: I created a package for Ubuntu.

In theory it would be just a matter of download the sources and execute the magical commands (./Configure, make and make install).

In practice, for those who just want to use the program, it is very boring and difficult, because the user will have to install each of the development libraries (eg, libgtk +2.0-dev) and their dependencies.

Some time ago a User (which now I think I can call a friend) was trying to compile the GMouseTool and found out several problems (mostly my fault).

He reported me all problems he was facing to compile GMouseTool and I tried to fix them.

I thought it was an absurd he waste his time when the only thing he wanted was to use the program.

I left my laziness aside and I built a package for Ubuntu 9.10, 32-bit version. This way he wouldn't have to worry about the compilation process.

I want to thank John Desanta by not giving up and for helping me solve many problems GMouseTool had.

Oh, and I will release a package for Ubuntu 9.10 (64-bits) until this Sunday.

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