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How to recover of the crash after the udev package update

Last night I've updated the udev package on my Ubuntu 10.04 (32-bits) and after system restart my PC was unable to boot.

The error messages were the following:

udevadm settle is not permitted while udev is unconfigured
ALERT! /dev/disk/by-uuid/)a8cc71e....071cd does not exist. Dropping to a shell

Was it a plague of St. iGNUcius because I have written an article about Windows?

After some research on Google, I found out the solution:

  • Boot the system using the Ubuntu live CD. If Ubuntu automatically mount the hard disk partition, unmount it before proceeding. This can be done easily through Nautilus.

  • Open a command prompt.

  • Create a new folder in order to mount the HD:

    sudo mkdir /mnt/newroot
  • Mount the HD (sda1, in my case):

    sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/newroot
  • Change the root directory:

    sudo chroot /mnt/newroot
  • Run the following command:

    update-initramfs -u -k all

  • Return to the old root and unmount the partition:

    sudo umount /mnt/newroot
  • Reboot.
After these steps, Ubuntu should work without problems.

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