quarta-feira, maio 13, 2009

GMouseTool on the fourth annualSourceForge.net Community Choice Awards

I've nominated my project for the fourth SourceForge.net Community Choice Awards.

It is the election of the best programs of the year that have been choosed by users.

I am not under any illusion that I will win. GMouseTool is a very tiny project. And, as far as I know, there are only two GMouseTool users: me and another person named Ryan Reif.

It it is just for fun. You can vote for GMouseTool. Click into the image below. You must supply a valid e-mail. Then you confirm your nomination using the link Sourceforge will provide.

GMouseTool already have a vote. Now I need you vote for it ;)

2 comentários:

Wanderley Caloni disse...

Despite I'm not a Linux user, I use MouseToo, too, but just the Windows version =)


Marcio Andrey Oliveira disse...

Hi, Wanderley.

As far as I know, you're already a Linux user and developer ;)

Unfortunately MouseTool (windows version) is not my software.

But feel free to vote for GMouseTool ;)